Last post with triple braids😁 Elegance and Wild together in one outfit.. Feel perfectly perfect :)

Gold Summer

My “braid” posts not over yet but you see much of them and i know that’s enough so i want to share a long blonde hair post :) but tomorrow for the last… Continue reading


Triple braids, mom’s vintage swimsuit, twin’s shirts on the belt… I really love the combination and did you realize my obsession with the braids lately? It’s really comfortable and look stylish. If you… Continue reading


Blue big skirts, crop tops, no bra, dark lips, braids..

Last Night Ever

Get drunk, dance on the top,kiss more, love more, think less, live more.. No matter what i’m young and i do dumb things a lot. That’s how we learn about life and it’s… Continue reading

Live Fast,Die young. Bad girls do it well

Live fast, die young Bad girls do it well My chain hits my chest When I’m banging on the dashboard My chain hits my chest When I’m banging on the radio Get back,… Continue reading

A Little Bit Hippie

Hey guys? How’s going? I hope it’s going good that our last days in summer.. Yesterday night we went to a dinner with my friends again! But we went to Galata for eat… Continue reading

90’s Kid

Sorry but you’r from the 70’s but i’m the 90’s chick! I was with my best friend today and we did typical best friends things, eat each other’s desserts, some gossip, talk about… Continue reading

Fashionable Dinner

Finally i’m back! And i’ve missed wear like fancy ’cause in holiday i just wanted to be comfortable for dance you know 😁 but the thing is guys, i don’t like to tell… Continue reading

Summer 2014 Video Diary

Sunshine,sands,beach,pool days, long road trip. What we did in the mornings in Varna-Bulgaria now in a little video! I love to make videos and love to share with you all :) this is… Continue reading