Vogue FNO

Hello cuties! How’s going? This week was the first week of the school so it’s little bit hard to get use to wake up in the early morning, take classes all day, sleepy… Continue reading

Stay High

You’re gone and i got to stay high All the time High ..all the time to climb, too high To keep you out of my mind… All love stories end this way. Someone’s… Continue reading

New Week, New Beginnings

I can’t say “Happy Monday” anymore ’cause school started today! A new year with full of new expectations, new wishes and hopes.. This year is my senior year on high school so this… Continue reading

While We are young

Teenage years, love more, worry less, say “fuck” in every sentence, be brave about every fucking thing. Don’t be afraid who you are, wear everything you want, be sexy, be nasty, be good..… Continue reading

Baby, I’m gonna leave you

Babe, i need to leave you now ’cause i know if i don’t do it know, i won’t even try again. I wore my long summer dress i didn’t even pack my clothes… Continue reading

Goodbye Summer! You’ve been amazing..

Oh summer, you’ve been really good.. Thanks for all the unforgettable memories, all the freakieat night that become to mornings, the hot sunshine,waves,beaches… I’m not ready to let you go but…  I wanted… Continue reading

Bad New!

  I have really bad news! And i hate this situtation. Yeaterday we went to a concert with my best friend. We didn’t plan it but suddenly we found tickets and we decided… Continue reading

Girls Meeting

    Hi guys! How’s your weekend? Mine is really tired at least for today. This morning i woke up for the meet my friends. We didn’t see each other all this summer,… Continue reading

Barefoot and Lost Girl on the Roof

Hello beauties! Do you ever have that feeling that you’re lost but don’t know where, don’t know how.. Sitting on your chair, think about your future, your goals,your passions and how to get… Continue reading

Last Minute Call

Hello guys! How’s going? For me it’s really tired to run about school things… The education system is kinda different in here but i won’t gonna talk about it ’cause it’s really complicated… Continue reading