‘Fall’ Outfit

   Hi beauties! How’s everything? Mine is little bit complicated. As always said.. It’s always complicated isn’t it?  Last monday i wore this ‘fall’ outfit for a lunch and tea with my sister. … Continue reading

Magical Moments Of Life

   There is a light! There is always a light. What you really love to do? I have lots of things.. I can’t even count there is a lot.. And they are just… Continue reading

Cool Chills

   Breakfast morning, bycycle riding on the seaside, some amazing desserts with homemade lemonade, coffee moments..  Last wednesday i was with my best friends. We had a really beautiful day. It’s been a… Continue reading

The Gown For Wedding 

   My elder cousin has married on last saturday! That was the first time that my real close sibling has married so i think i should be really chic.. So i found this… Continue reading

Define it, if you can

   Hello guys! How is everything? During this fashion month i’m just watching the snapchat stories of the shows and checking instagram in every 20minutes to make sure not missing anything.. And it’s… Continue reading

Our Riptide

   Today i found it. No, i actually finally explore it, realize it. My riptide.  Everyone is trying to find their ridtide, you think you’re trying to find your way and your comfort… Continue reading

Dressed Up

   Hello beauties! Summer officially end but the weather obviously denying it.. It’s still freaking hot so for friday i’m laying on the couch and watch tv for all day long.. But yesterday… Continue reading

Let’s Follow The Sun

   Some gypsy soul,some hippie mood. I always have. The hairstyle look like a russian doll but make me feel so good and comfortable. Flying flowery skirts floating on my legs. Watching the… Continue reading

The Weekend Getaway

   Hello for one more time! Summer ends, oh summer ends :( hello autumn. Hi.  After all the summer’s busy things i finally got a chance to getaway.. A real escape from all… Continue reading

Summer Day passed by my love

   Long long times,long long days. Trying to work some shits to get my life together even in this freaking hot summer.. And in this busy days it’s really hard to find a… Continue reading