Boy Love 

   The art of wear a boy t-shirt. Boy love. I could only use boys for their clothes. Well,no. Not actually.. But admit that you love it too. To wear boy clothes. Like… Continue reading

Chic for Dinner

   Hello cuties! It’s a new week with lots of new opportunities and hope. We had a throw back family dinner last night. We went to the place that we used to go… Continue reading

Mood of the Sunday

     Today was really busy day and it still going like this. This is my daily sunday style outfit and not so bad for choosen in 8:00 am or? I feel little… Continue reading

Some of Spring

   Yaay! Finally i can feel the touch of the warm sunshines and make my eye wrinkles out, thank god there is a sunglasses! I can’t even explain how much i’ve missed that… Continue reading

MBFWI Day4: “Eat it or Wear it.”

     So on the last day of MBFWI i mean on my last day i wore a dress under a “Hamburger” sweater like on third day. I know how much that’s different… Continue reading

MBFWI Day3: “Don’t Think Much”

It’s almost over. ‘Cause fourth day will be the last one at least for me.. You know what? I just can’t be comfortable in a jean and a sweat. I don’t feel like… Continue reading

MBFWI Day2: “A Different Touch”

On day 2 i wore a totally different outfit than usual. Like i didn’t wear heels as usual on Fashion weeks. My feets hurt and i just don’t want to wear. I think… Continue reading

MBFWI DAY1:”Excess on Excess”

So it started again! The most busy and fashionable time of the year.It’s been really busy 3 days for me and it’ll go in that way at least this week. And it make… Continue reading

Rainy Saturday

Hello cuties! I’m sorry i couldn’t be able to share new things with you for this past week but i have huge plans about next week and there will be lots of posts… Continue reading


Hello beauties! How was your weekend? Hope you have amazing plans for your weekend and you’ll have lots of fun and lots of love! Have fun for me too ’cause my weekend is… Continue reading