Celebrate for it, for everything

   And i’m officially graduated from ballet after 8 years. To be honest, not officially.. I still need To pass my exam for that but we can say i did!  We had a… Continue reading

What i wore.

   Hold on just for a little while more and it’ll all end really soon. Summer is knocking the door and calling you to come and have fun and forget everything.. And i’m… Continue reading

Midweek: What you have?

   Hi again! It’s already midweek and what you have since monday? Do you one step closer to your dreams or away from them? Everybody says it depends to you. If you want… Continue reading

Breezy Summer Nights

Oh,don’t you miss those days too as much as me? The breezy summer nights after long beautiful days just by the pool,you wear your good clothes to have a dinner with friends or… Continue reading

Thursday is the new friday

   Hi again my lovely and beautiful followers! I’m so lucky to have you i should’ve said that 💕  “Thursday is the new friday” is exactly true. I just fake up this expression… Continue reading

Monday’s Dinner Time

   Hi beauties! Hope everything is fine and you’re feeling great. If you don’t just stop worrying and take a deep breathe. You have always one more chance.. Don’t ever give up.  This… Continue reading

Introduce Yourself

We all know fashion is so important in life but most importantly is style and how you complete it. And we all sure that fashion is temporary but style is permanent. Style is… Continue reading

Lumière in my Eyes

    This thursday was totally wonderful in all ways. A little sum of how i want to live my life. A day that my heart finally felt what her want and felt all… Continue reading

“Tenerife Sea”

You look so wonderful in your dress I love your hair like that The way it falls on the side of your neck Down your shoulders and back We are surrounded by all… Continue reading

As The Sun Goes Down-Behind The Walls

   Nothing’s ever what we expect But they keep asking where we’re going next All we’re chasing is the sunset Got my mind on you Doesn’t matter where we are   Doesn’t matter… Continue reading