Summer Day passed by my love

   Long long times,long long days. Trying to work some shits to get my life together even in this freaking hot summer.. And in this busy days it’s really hard to find a… Continue reading

Love it Better

   Hi cuties! How are you? Summer is almost over sadly:(( and i can’t get in the university that i really want for dance ’cause of stupid reasons.. Don’t really know what i’ll… Continue reading

Confused on Styles,Confused on Mind

   Beauties, loves, guys..! Ahhh, it’s summer and all i do is just dance, dance and dance. I love it. I adore it but a little vacation would be amazing right now. After… Continue reading

Has Been Crazy

   Hello guys! I can’t believe how many times since my last post. But my life has been crazy lately. I’m so tired that my head about to blow because of headache and… Continue reading

DIY “The Buttoned Skirt”

Hello beauties! Hope everything is going amaaaziingg! There could be always some problems but we are strong,yes, you are. So yes,everything is amazing! I told about you the buttoned skirts before remember? Well,… Continue reading

Joy, Happiness and Hippie Mood

   What did you do today? What you going to do? What’s your next step? Having a plan or floating in?  Finally a day off for me in a real way and i’m… Continue reading

Going to be a long day

   Hello beauties! It’s been really busy for me lately. But i try to handle even if all my bones dying to hurt and my eyes look really tired. But we don’t really… Continue reading

Not really depressive for a monday

   Hello beauties! How’s going your new week of summer? Or which season is where you live.. Anyway, even if somethings wrong stop worrying about them. Well, that’s not really a good advice… Continue reading

Making a Saturday Story

   Is there any better way to spent your saturday with your best friends? I have couple of ideas about like waking up in maldives etc. but let’s not torturing us.. So yes,… Continue reading

Comfortable in Freaking Hot 

   It’s all about being comfortable in this crazy hot summer days. Oversize pants,oversize tshirts, messy hair…  I don’t really like to say that but i think i should. I’m living in Istanbul/Turkey… Continue reading