As The Sun Goes Down-Behind The Walls

   Nothing’s ever what we expect But they keep asking where we’re going next All we’re chasing is the sunset Got my mind on you Doesn’t matter where we are   Doesn’t matter… Continue reading

Wildfire in the Dark

   And i finally made my wildfire from the stars to my veins into my heart. Pumping it and scream it loud with the light in my eyes that you can see if… Continue reading

Jean,Jean and Some more Jean

   Hello guys? How’s going? Hope everything is okay. But if it’s not, don’t worry it will all be okay. It has to be soon. My week is going so well and i… Continue reading

Casual Glamour

   Add some glamour on your casual looks. Some pink maybe much pink.. A flawless jacket. Sunglasses on with volume hair. Sun is shining and your favourite music on in your ears to… Continue reading

“While You’re Surfing”

   The weather is so lovely lately and my mood is just increase to the top! And when add some art gallery exhibition to this kinda days… I don’t know how could i… Continue reading

A Saturday Story

   It’s been a long time since i started to my course and it’s all almost over. Almost. And i still don’t have any idea about what i’m gonna do. I had but… Continue reading


    We are all waiting for something isn’t going to happen about life,about love.. The weather turns into bad lately and i start to think about it much. Lots of things that isn’t… Continue reading

More Than Simple

   On the midweek, i went to simple shopping with my mom and i choosed a more different than simple outfit. Sometimes between all the works,fun and depressive moods i just miss the… Continue reading

Art in my Veins

   Finally i made it! I went to the art gallery with my friend that i really want to go for a long time! And it was one of my best moments when… Continue reading

Boy LoveĀ 

   The art of wear a boy t-shirt. Boy love. I could only use boys for their clothes. Well,no. Not actually.. But admit that you love it too. To wear boy clothes. Like… Continue reading