Hey there! Hello from a first day of the February and also last month of the winter. Again a very very cold day and again i’m laying on my bed. I don’t want to go out cause it’s too cold for that and i alredy gone somewhere all week. Last night we were go to basketball match which was playing Galatasaray and a Litvania team. I don’t really know, i don’t care. I had been there just for fun! And i had fun. So much, we won! Today i give a inspirition of glam. Like every girl has but sometimes we just more emphasize it as this outfit. Gold pant, gold high heels(i’ll write an article about my high heels stay tuned) and neon green crop sweater. No one can deny it looks glamorous. So it’s time to getting ready for saturday night! What are you waiting for? Wear your glamorous outfit and go take a drink. It’s saturday honey!