Big Pant,Don’t Care


Hello guys! Tomorrow is “that” day. Valentines Day! I don’t know about you but i don’t have a boyfriend so i don’t have to buy gifts or do special things(what a lame). If you’re in love with someone, hope you’ll have a great day tomorrow and everyday for the rest of your life. Hope i’ll find my prince too(please it happen soon). I even don’t in love with someone or like. That’s the weird thing. But i always do stupid , random things then i start to think that’s why i don’t have a boyfriend. Generally people think i’m a really quiet person but after you know me, you’ll start to think oh my god she never stop to talk. I have always energy even i feel tired. Doing something weird and thinking, “That’s why i don’t have a boyfriend”.Okay whatever. Let’s talk about my outfit. It’s more classy than usual i wear. But in love with this pant. It looks amazing. And my neon-green sweater from Forever21 Miami with gold high heels. Makes me feel comfy and classy. Hope you like it. And “Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first” -Carrie Bradshaw