SHUT UP! I wear heels bigger than your dick!


Okay girls it’s time to show our power to the men. We wear really long heels and torturing ourselves just because look more sexy and tall. Actually you it all because of you boys. If you never like to high heels, we would never have to torturing ourselves. So boys, you are the blamer again and always. I said that i’ll write an article about my heels and here i am. I really love to high heels but i’m sixteen and young so when i go out usually it’s not comfortable for me and the places i go. But i like to wear heels during my photo shoots.
I have lots of high-heels but here is the most i love. My fav colours are pink and gold and you can see gold here much. They all like 4 inch. Especially i like more “No platform” shoes cause it look more feminine. If you have the right shoes, you can conquer the world and now, i can conquer the world with these..