Today I Choose Joy at Rome❤️🇮🇹


Finally we arrived to Italy. We had a really terrible cruise trip to Italy but now it all worth it even we are so tired. Rome is an amazing city. So historical and magical. And look at my Jeremy Scott’s Capsule collection for Moschino t-shirt! Had a great day but it was freezing outside and i feel sick right now. Of’ course impossible to get sick in Italy for me. Even i feel so bad i put this feeling back and enjoy every moment of this trip… Hope you enjoy your day too… 🙂20140418-223927.jpg20140418-224156.jpg20140418-223907.jpg20140418-224647.jpg20140418-224516.jpg20140418-224907.jpg20140418-224745.jpg20140418-225905.jpg20140418-225502.jpg20140418-225826.jpg