Beating Heart❤️🔥


Hey cuties! How’s going? 🙂 Finally weekend and i’m so happy because of that as most of you 🙂 Did you see the “Divergent” movie? If you didn’t yet, now it’s the time. You should go this movie,it’s amazing! But you should read the book too, cause you can understand more things if you read it. Anyway i love these kind of movies like “The Hunger Games”, “Divergent”. These makes me feel braver 🙂 You should watch it! 🙂
And what about reading books? I love read books but sometimes i just can’t make time for that or sometimes i can’t find a good book to inspire me.. You all know John Green right? The fault in our stars. He is one of the best writers but i didn’t like “The fault in our stars”. It’s an amazing and genius story but in my opinion he couldn’t write it. When i read it,i couldn’t feel the pain and emotions.. I prefer “Looking for Alaska” by John Green again. I love that book. I would read ot many times..
That’s enough to talk about movies and books, let’s talk about my outfit. Colourful and different again. My Roberto Cavalli top with my h&m skirt and my mom’s design jacket with Valentino’s 😍 🙂 hope i can inspire you to some weekend outfit 🙂 love you xxx








By the way i called this outfit “Beating Heart” because of “Divergent”‘s song by Ellie Goulding 🙂 listen it! 🙂