There is so many things going on here, in Turkey. You heard about it, true or not. Something bad happens and every time people, those innocent people start a revolt, try to do something, try to get revenge for innocent people that murdered for no reason.. So many innocent people but so many unscrupulous people too. Try to shut us, kill us, make their robots. They not afraid to kill people, they can do it without thinking. They don’t have any mercy. No, it’s not a war. Don’t think like that.
Everytime when people try to do something to fix it, they do something more and everytime they shut us!
Those people murdered! They try to earn some many to feed their children,feed their family. In the mornings they work in underground,in darkness and when at nights they go to bed in darkness again, just for earn some many! But our President just say that’s all can happen, that’s all normal. Wow!
The Government doing nothing. The oppition said before to the government that it’s not safe to work in mine that in Soma but the government didn’t accept it! They see the danger, they knew it but all they did just watching! 248 murdered people. And lots of people still in there, they can’t find them! Approximately 300 people still alive, and 80 people injured. It can change cause they still try to find them.. Sorry,i can’t share any outfit or happy things today. I know it’s a fashion blog but also it’s a life blog. And i can’t stop myself to share it..
My english not really good to explain all things but i try to.. Hope i can explain something to what happens in Turkey. Thanks for your attention!

Should i take of my boots? I don’t want to make dirty to stretcher.. ❗️

People try to say something but they shut us

For those murdered people