Studio Zara- 5th Avenue NYC


Last saturday’s outfit. Here is the thing, it’s already summer and i just started to go to gym! Yep, i started last week but it’s start to work really. That feels amazing.. And saturday just after the concert night we went to gym and pool again as tuesday and thursday 😊 and after pool we went to dinner with my girls ✌️😍💞
And guys i have to tell you something. I miss New York so much! It’s almost been a year and i can’t stop myself to imagine that i’m there and take a deep breath to take New York’s air… Really i need to go there. I have to live there. Just i can’t explain my feeling about New York but i’m happy when i’m there and it really feels like that dreams city. All the people, they all different.. I stayed in New York 2 weeks in Bronx, Fordham University. And that 2 weeks my best times that i’ve ever had. When i was in New York, i can feel that i’m finding myself, i can be who i am, what i want to be.. I love to be there and i don’t know when i can go there again but hope it’s gonna be soon ’cause i can’t wait.. ❤️💞❤️💞