Barefoot and Lost Girl on the Roof


Hello beauties! Do you ever have that feeling that you’re lost but don’t know where, don’t know how.. Sitting on your chair, think about your future, your goals,your passions and how to get them together. That’s the hardest point of life. You’ll ever know what’s next.. Tick-tock time blows and you don’t have any bigger chance to live than now. 

Today i was just sitting on my bedroom thinking about lots of things and suddenly i got enough! My mind blows and i felt it i have to run from it. So i oppened my wardrope and that outfıt came to my mind from nothing and i wore it to take some photos.. It all happened in 5 minutes. The photo-shoot,choosed the outfıt, to convince my twin to take my pictures…

That outfit reflect my feelings right now. Barefoot, a little gypsy soul, feel lost on the rooftop.


DSCF8123 DSCF8124


DSCF8131 DSCF8132 DSCF8136 DSCF8140