Firts Fall Outfit


Hello beauties! Today i wore my first “fall” outfit in real mean 🙂 Now i’m laying on my bed and i’m so tired.. Because of our different and really difficult education system. When we start to prepare for university, we start to take classes but it’s like a second school, we go there, take classes, get the exams but it’s all quizzes with multiple choices. We pay much money for the second school too and we get books, notebooks.. And at the end we get in a really hard and stressful 3 hours exam so that’s decide if we are good enough! I go to second school too but in a different way i have citizenship of Bulgaria i mean both(Turkey and Bulgaria) so i can get in a more easier exam which is all about math, only math. I don’t have to study about history, geography or Turkish as the others.. It’s a really complicated and hard road but we have to do this…
So well, i went to “second school” today and that’s what i wore for the first day 🙂







I got comments like you should wright where you get your outfits but the thing is not all my outfits is a brand generally i found them in little stores but after this i’ll do that as much as i can 🙂