Raves Like This!-Quattro Music Festival


You know we make it BANG!

This one goes out to ladies at breakfast in last night’s dress! Last night was amazingly,flawlessly,unbelievably awesome! We had so so so much fun. And Borgoues is AHH-MAZİİİNG! All the songs that he played, invincible,wldfire,tsunami,breathe… All of them is so good and that felt georgoues to loose myself in his music. moved my booty with rythym, shake my head, jump ’till i almost drop… I don’t know about you but i love that feelings. I’m not talking about hangovers, i don’t drink but i love this kinda hangovers anyway, they all make me feel really alive and happy.. 

Last night i prefer this outfıt to be comfortable and chic. ‘Cause i had to be comfortable when i’m dancing so that’s why i wore this outfit. Even with this shoes my feets are dying, well i dance too too much that’s normal but.. Hope you had a great Friday night too guys! I love all of you. Kiss kiss..IMG_6562IMG_6563IMG_6572IMG_6574DSCF8751