Rave Nights #Martin Garrix #ArminVanBuuren


Laugh,laugh and dance with best friends. That’s what i love about life. Last night was pretty good. I can’t say AHH-MAZİİNG ’cause it wasn’t.. The organisation was really sucks. Too much people in little place. And you know how much i love Martin Garrix but i couldn’t even see him, well i saw him but not like i imagened.. 

Anyway i had much fun in the car while on the road with my friends and if i couldn’t go, i’d be regret so it could be totally dissappoinment but at least i saw it not heard it.. IMG_6658IMG_6659 DSCF8755 DSCF8759 DSCF8760 DSCF8761 DSCF8763 DSCF8764