Badass Diva Bitch!


Hello beautiess! How’s going? For me it’s hard to use to a new week ’cause i’m really tired and i’m planning a new big news for you! I hope it’ll all be okay and i can make them.. 

Today i choosed to be a badass diva with my h&m fur coat, also h&m silver skirt and Forever21 golden top with black fringed vest(by the way i’m in love with fringed things, they are so ‘fashion’ right now and look soo chic) and final touches h&m nude shoes and h&m purple-pink bag.

It’s time to be excess and more excess.. Time to be a DIVA. ‘Cause you’re a diva! Our life is glamourous and also as like as shit.. And we can’t talk “normal people”, we are a diva, people loves us and could die for us but we just hate it ’cause we are too blind to see what we have and we just really suffocated from all of this and then we start to use drugs get a serious rehab and our faces on the all covers, they all talking about us, how we finish ourselves and at the final, we die in our end of the 20’s… 

Dreams and dreams.. but not a lie they are the real stories..  DSCF8553 DSCF8554 DSCF8556 DSCF8558 DSCF8562 DSCF8607 DSCF8610 DSCF8611 DSCF8614 DSCF8615