The Rythym Of The Night


Rhythm is a dancer,
It’s a soul’s companion,
People feel it everywhere,
Lift your hands and voices,
Free your mind and join us,
You can feel it in the air,
Oh oh, it’s a passion,
Oh oh, you can feel it yeah.

This is the rythym of the night. After the weekend and crazy friday and saturday nights(well, at least i hope for you ’cause mine wasn’t really crazy..) i wanted to make this post. And took a little video with that music. You know what? When i’m listening a song i’ve always think how can i made a video with that amazing music.. Scenarios turning all over my head and one of my biggest passions is make videos, play in them and make them.. So when i got home yesterday i wanted to take this shoot before my ballet class but most hardest part is convince someone to take my pictures.. My twin doesn’t want to do that as usual but yesterday i make him forced for that.. But when he doesn’t want it, of course he didn’t take much good pictures and videos at least not like i imagined.. And i realized that i totally need a new photo machine ’cause it take pictures and videos really sucks.. but the thing is i took my “Christmas Time” video with that.. Opps!.. I shouldn’t say that it was a secret surprise.. Hush! Don’t say it anyone and you’ll see that video very soon πŸ™‚ Kiss kiss…DSCF8823 DSCF8824 DSCF8826 DSCF8828 DSCF8832Β