Shades of Blue


Shades of blue..Shades of sky, shades of peace,love and seas..

I used blue for second day of the week ’cause i know we all need calm during these busy days. And i make it with blue.. Blue is more peaceful colour and it’s really good to use it on when my headache don’t stop kinda days..ย 

All works,classes,homeworks,tests,exams be in equipoise in the same time and it’s getting hard to make them all. But there is always a ‘that time’ in the semester times in school so now it’s totally ‘That Time’..ย 

But this saturday we will be at a really amazing rave that i told about the fest remember? Quattro Music Festival is back now and it’s time to have some real fun! Can’t wait for saturday!!! DSCF8889 DSCF8891 DSCF8892 DSCF8894 DSCF8898 DSCF8902 DSCF8905