Quattro Music Festival W/ My Girls


All the girls want, Hot N Fun
All they looking for is, Hot N Fun
All they ask for is, Hot N Fun
They keep wanting that, Hot N Fun

Last saturday night was just an another rave night. But this time we went only girls.. We were at closest to stage and i’ve never been that much close that was amazing, i felt every little things the fire in the bang moments and all the confettis…! 

Can’t wait for next one! Quattro Festivals are the best in Turkey at least. That’s my opinion but it has good quality and make different things than other festivals.. 

Let’s take a look what i wore and all the photos..

DSCF8972 DSCF8973 DSCF8978 DSCF8980 DSCF8983 IMG_7264 IMG_7269 IMG_7293 IMG_7296