Classical Nights


Pull me closer, hush baby hush..

I’m in love. To what or where? I’m in love with everything.. Every little, beautiful detail in this world.. But mostly you. 

Classical and cultural nights.. What you gonna wear on saturday night? Always be as lady and let men wonder about you, let it to their imagines your body.. You don’t have to wear always apparent outfits to make them crazy. You shouldn’t show your boobs to them to take their attention.. You’re a strong woman and their just so stupid to fall to even a little bit naked things.. But you’re not that. I love nude and naked things and i know all those women love to feel sexy, i know that feeling too. Don’t show your skin although you want to.. It depends what you’re going to but don’t ever forget that, you can be still most attractive and appealing women in the place without showing your anywhere…

Showing your skin, it’s temporary but only showing your shapes and all the other things let to their imagine, that’s permanent..

On my saturday night i went to a Ballet Recital. That was amazing. I watched “La Bayadere” ballet from St. Petersburg ballet company. And after the resital all i want to do DANCE! 

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