Holiday Madness


Holiday Madness!!!

So that time is just near the corner and we all little bit bustling admit that! All the gifts we have to give and all the gifts we’ll have or already had.. Did you like yours? 

It’s just 5 days left to the new year and i still don’t know what i’m gonna wear, to be honest i don’t even have a certain plan to go… That’s why i’m more hestic or should i say nervous? 

This is the most magical time of the year! My favorite season all the time is summer as i said it lots of time but the christmas time, the feeling of we end just an another year and waiting for a new one with lots of mysteries and expectations.. All this lights, happy and excited faces all around, the bustling, christmas trees… I generally walk around with a smile in this times especially places with lots of lights. Who wouldn’t smile to that, it’s whole beautiful and exciting! 

So what’s your expectations to the new year? I’ll give you a suggestion, don’t list them and hang it on your wall. It doesn’t work.. I made it when the beginning of 2014 and nothing still happened on that list yet expect 2 things and i don’t think all the others will happen in next 5 days.. Now, all i know is i won’t make list.. Not this time! 

By the way, do you like my holiday night dress with long tulle skirt, white crop top with gold body chain that my mom made for me and gliter heels, for the final my wet hair! Come little closer and take a look…

DSCF9026 DSCF9027 DSCF9030 DSCF9031 DSCF9035DSCF9036  DSCF9037