In My Head


In this last days of 2014, my head is blowing with lots of problems,dreams and plans..

I don’t know what i’m gonna do with my whole life.I don’t know what will be my next step, i don’t know anything about my future..

I have lots of plans but that’s the scary and hard part. Dreams are getting worst everything when you don’t even know how to make them. That make me really nervous. The thing is i know what i want but everyone says different things, everyone generally think about myself instead of i should. So because of that i can’t even tell my plans and dreams to them ’cause they always talk and i don’t want negativity in my life, i don’t want to handle with them. 

Life always give you a big slap in your face. Didn’t ha? Think about all your dreams and how you gave up on them.That’s all because of life. Life laughing at us when we dream or make plans.Not always but usually.. I know that’s how i’m stronger know but anyway God, when you give me a hope, please don’t make me disappointment ’cause it hurts. 

Hope is the most strongest thing. If there is no hope, we wouldn’t even live. Actually my hope about life is more stronger than all my fears, that’s why i always keep going. And i know one day i’m gonna make it. 

So between this hope and life problems i almost forget my outfit. I prefer more different than usual ’cause lately i was so busy so i wore just leggings with sweatshirts last week and i just couldn’t resist it no more! So i wore mom’s jean from Topshop, white-gold sprinkle sweater ,oversize pink jacket with “Happy” necklace from Lanvin, Coach gold high sneakers and vintage Louis Vuitton bag that i stole my mom’s wardrobe with biggest and fluffy white fur coat.

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