Oh My Hair!


Wow! This is my last outfit post of 2014! Time blows so fast and i’ve got so many dreams and plans to do..

Last sunday i choosed this simple and different style. Look at my hair! Isn’t it look cool? And did you like my backpack? I found it in my mom’s bags and it probably a promotion of something that mom got years ago.. But anyway i love it! Well, now i have to choose what i’m gonna wear tomorrow night for new year’s night while it’s snowing outside! Aha! Yes it’s snowing outside and all these little snow flakes are looking cute and incredible! Maybe i’ll watch “Frozen” tonight. Good idea for that kinda winter days and Frozen is my fav movie so it doesn’t matter if it’s snowing or not, i could watch it anytime..ย DSCF9053 DSCF9054 DSCF9057 DSCF9059 DSCF9061 DSCF9062

Happy new year to all guys from now! Wait for my outfit of tomorrow’s night and all the new posts pf 2015! Also you can follow me to instagram for see more: @gizemmseckin