It’s New Year!


I won’t going to say “Hope 2015 will be good and all your wishes will come true..” ‘Cause it’s not about New Year. It’s about life. Life happens, not new year wishes.. 

After all the bullshits of 2014 and also all the magical,beautiful moments it’s time to open a new page and start. Oh, what i’m saying we all read this things in everywhere.. On year texts.we heart it,tumblr.. All of there and isn’t that enough? Actually the new year’s eve was so so important and special for me, well it’s still but this time i realized somethings that i can’t even explain. I mean i’ve been celebrated new years in a special way everytime and i’ve alwas think “I HAVE TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN!” and all these years i’ve celebrated in so similar ways, i’ve had so much fun everytime and nothing changed in my life. So this time i didn’t care.

We’ve been talking about the night with my friends for more than a month but we are just too silly to decide one thing and when it comes to day we’ve had nothing and fot the last minute some of my best friends come to my house and being totally planless turns into a house party! Are we had so much fun? Yes, exactly! And God, you heard my wish at the midnight, i did everything to get this, you know this. I wished just one thing and you can gie me this, you can make this come true ’cause you know how hard i tried and work for that, i did my best actually more..

I’m going to say all the cliche things anyway ’cause i don’t know any other to say..

Hope you all have a happy year !

This year don’t allow to dissapointments make you give up. ‘Cause life is good. Enjoy your life.


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