Come As You Are


It’s not a love story,it’s not include two people. It’s just me. How to find myself,how to spit to society’s face and be myself in this big bad world. Life is weird and i love it that way. In all these bad things, it always give you something to hold, hope. It breaks you everytime but always have something to give for apalogize. We always accept this little things and let us smile even all the bad things. 

Come as you are. 

How my fashion journey start? My mom did me like this! She have an addiction to fashion and she always dressed me untill my 13. All my clothes was so unique and she always found the best clothes and matched them so many different ways. And after my 13, i started to dress myself. I’ve always love fashion and try to dress good, when i get fat in my 13, i explored Fashion TV and started to watch Victoria’s Secret fashion show. All i was thinking, i have to get that body and i started to sport, lots of sport and i finally lost weight, a lot. My body finally turned like i wanted but my height.. In that time i love fashion more ’cause  i was always watching Fashion TV and i started to get into this. Totally learned how to walk like an model,how to look like a model but my style didn’t grow up yet.. And in that times i thought my clothes were good. ahh :(.. 

In my  beginning of 15s i finally realized that i can’t be a runway model in that height.. I’ve always loved to take photos and keep taking it in that times and always followed to models and shows.. Then i opened my instagram, firstly my photos are so ridiculous and then i started take more fashionable photos and share.. Then i started to my blog in the end of my 15’s.. And now i’m totally addicted to this. Finally i found what i love to do.. I can’t stop myself to share all this things with you and with myself.. I love to write all this things in here, this site is become to like my diary that i write my everything. I don’t know if i can ever stop to this ’cause i love it. I love to take photos, write my stories,my loves,passions..

For the story, i choosed this outfit. It’s actually reflect myself. It’s excess and shiny, it’s glowing and totally different. That’s me. And that’s my life…

DSCF9160 DSCF9162 DSCF9163 DSCF9165 DSCF9166 DSCF9167 DSCF9169 DSCF9174 DSCF9175