Finally i’m back! If it really calls back.. I was so sick all week, i’m still and i couldn’t have any energy to take pictures or go out.. But today even sundays i’ve got course and classes have to go so finally i wear something good to take photos in this morning. I usually choose my outfits at night before the day and it helps a lot! I can’t find this clothes and have the energy to wear them in 7am in the mornings… so here is my sunday outfit.. Black, white and denim with leather touches. Now i’m going to lunch with my sister and twin to eat SUSHI but this time with my totally comfortable and effortless clothes as i said it i’m sick and i just want to wear leggings and a big cozy hoodie.. 

DSCF9251 DSCF9255 DSCF9257 DSCF9260