Oops,it’s monday again! And this time i can’t say “Oh,it’s a new week with new opportunities,let’s smile and be happy”. Not today! I’m pretty sure that most of you think like me.. In this new week i’m totally tired and overhelmed and exhausted. Didn’t you little bit exaggerate Gizem? No,not really.. I’ve got so much things to do that i don’t even want to do and the other side i’ve got so many dreams and plans to start and work about what i want to be,at the end i don’t decide what to do and i can’t find time to do them.. Especially the ones that i have to but i don’t want to things..

When finally the weather turns warm again after all the snow storms and freezy days i realized that i can wear this mostly spring spirit outfit for this monday. It’s so comfy and what the best part of it? I don’t even have to take a coat and carry it all day..(at least if you take taxi or a car) also it’s so comfy to run into the works in the first day of the week. I take my green tea in my Paris thermos which i got from Nice(what a irony) and my outfit is all DONE!ย 

ps. I don’t drink caffee usually, i prefer green tea ’cause it’s more healthy and good for me.ย 

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