Who am i?


Hello guys! It’s friday and i’ve got my report today and we have a holiday for 2 weeks! It’s not kinda holiday ’cause next week will be so busy with course and ballet classes. I don’t have any time to get little bit relax. This is my senior year on high school and this year i’ve started to think about “who am i?” really often. I can’t find any answer yet.. I’ve always think about that ’cause people always ask. What you want to be? Who you want to be? 

But all i know is i want to get a ticket to any place to anywhere and just leave. 

I try to find myself everyday and it gets too complicated. One day i love to listen Arctic Monkeys and the other i love Taylor Swift or i listen EDM.. One day i want to smoke and the other day or just a couple of later i hate it. Sometimes i want to be a rocky chic but at the end of the day i miss my girly girl style… 

I’m just seventeen and i don’t know who am i. I don’t have to know. I don’t even want to know. I love it with lots of complexity and i don’t want to hear any question about it. Time will show me… 

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