Summer Breeze with Me


Hello cuties! How was your week and what’s your plans for the weekend? For me it’s always the same. I’m stuck in with lots of lessons,classes,and ballet and ahhh sometimes i want to hit my head on the wall very hard.. But it’s good, in that way i see my best friends every day and i don’t know i just learned to ignore every bad sides of the events long time ago so i’m turn into a kinda Pollyanna. Not that much but yeah. Kinda. 

This week the weather’s head was totally complicated it was one day sunny and the other day stormy, when i wake up it look cold but it actually not… Oh totally how i love? No, i hate it. I only love hot,warm weather, exactly like summer. Oh i love summer and i miss it so much. But this week wasn’t summer and don’t be next week too so i wear this outfit and take my summer breeze with me with this flower patterns pant…  DSCF9481 DSCF9482 DSCF9486 DSCF9487 DSCF9488