The Love on Earth.


This week is going to be all about “Love” even if i don’t have a person to celebrate the day except my best friends! While in this week, everybody has a bit of rush (i mean people who crazy in love, not me) to what day gonna do in this specail day.. Most of you thinks it’s a stupid day and not wants fancy gifts and surprises. But admit it you do, we all do. Which girl don’t want it anyway? We love all the fancy,exaggeration things. So boys, you should do your best surprise for the day even if we said we don’t want it… 

Love is a strange feeling. I don’t have any explanation for the feeling. I’m not talking about only love that between a boy and a girl. I’m talking about all the loves in the world. On Earth. The love of to my family. The love of to my passions and dreams. The love of to my friends. Every love is beautiful and worth to celebrate on this special day. I will celebrate it with my friends and with my family. It’s a love day can’t be just for the valentines it’s not fair!

This is my “Love” outfit for today. Pure and full of love on it. On my heart, on my skin. 

DSCF9503 DSCF9504 DSCF9511 DSCF9513 DSCF9518 DSCF9521 DSCF9523 DSCF9524 DSCF9525