What you meant to me


Did you ever fall in love? Or are you in love? The boy,the girl what you meant to you? You were drunk in love or you just need to someone by your side. Did you really love him/her. Your heart hurt so much. Ripped to million pieces. You can’t breathe. Is that possible to some stupid people hurt your feelings this much? One day he/she is your whole world and the other day it all turns into hate,scream and cry. So is it love?

I’ve never fall in love. I’ve never fell. And actually i’m happy for that ’cause i see my friends how much they are broken and the painful road. I don’t want it. If that’s love, i don’t want it. I don’t want to forgive him after all he did, after he broked me, cheated me, made me cried just because i love him. It’s not fair. He’s not good to me but i can’t live without him says most of you. But that’s what i afraid of. I don’t want to belong someone this much if he broke me everytime. That’s so miserable. I can’t be weak like that. I can’t loose myself over a boy. 

Maybe you’re laughing at me right now. Saying you’re saying this ’cause you’re not fall in love yet. Maybe that’s true. If i ever fall in love, maybe all my thought will change. Who knows? 

But if you are in love, make sure that don’t screw it. He can be so handsome and meant so much to you but if you’re not this then don’t go for it. If he brokes you everytime that means he’s not your only one. Trust me. I know it. 

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