Love Affair


In the dark side of me.There is piece of still into you. Still think about you. In the dark side of me, there is a girl that i don’t even know. She has a passion about you. She has a fight inside of her heart.Everytime she denies,she fall more for it.Everytime she says no, the dark side of her whispers “You love him”. She cried. She screamed. Not clearly visible but in her heart. ‘Cause she knows she is more than this. She is strong. She was strong. 

She has a love affair in her mind that she never want to admit.Doesn’t want that but her mind always think and her heart. Oh,her heart always beating with his name. 

She knew she fall so hard. She doesn’t know have to escape,how to run from this. And after all she died. She died. She lost her individuality, she lost her mind and never think again. She knew she fall hard. Even after she died, she still thinks that what was in that wine that make her drunk this much. This much that she never found herself again. 

She never thinks that it’s fair. Cause she died,he lived. She loved,he laughed.She believed but he left…

Now she knows how much it hurts. Now she is not strong. She becomes to her biggest fear. A fragile little girl. With a big hate in her heart. But she still doesn’t accept it anyway, e.g she doesn’t cry anymore. Never. 


Do you like my story? It just came out suddenly and when i started it, it was so hard to stop. ‘Cause i love writing. It feels so good. Sundays are always busy for me and today was just like that but when i came home all i want to do is take this pictures. The idea came out suddenly and then the story appeared. And here it is. My another favourite post for you! And to myself in the future! 

Long fringed boots, little black skirt and a gold sweater which is my always favourite and a vintage ripped and so old smells jean coat. A dark place,love story and passion. Combinitaion of a broken “Love Affair”…

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