The Perfect Friendships


It’s snow storming outside crazily and it’s the biggest one since so many years. Probably when i was 5 the weather looked like this.The snow started yestarday when we were celebrating my friend’s birthday and it still doesn’t stop and probably it won’t ’till friday.. But the snow didn’t stop us to celebrate to our dear friend’s birthday yesterday! We had so much fun. We had a nice late lunch together,drink some wine and after that in the evening we ate perfect deserts and drink some more.. 

The friendships that i gained in the high school i know will long forever. ‘Cause this friendships are so special and strong that never can broke. This people are so important for me. I’ve never think that my high school years will be shape like this but now i can’t explain how grateful and thankful for that. This is my senior year and i’m thinking how can i leave this people and how can i handle to not see them in everyday… I love them so much and is that really possible to have a real and strong connection that much with them?

Yesterday i just made a perfect memory that i don’t want to forget ever…

And here is my note to my friends;

Thank you guys for just being you. Thank you for everything that we live in this 4 years. I love you so much and you all know it! xxx


The birthday girl!

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