Screaming Pink in White


The biggest snow storm in 28 years. Exactly means the life stopped for 3 days, so many car crashes, so many late plans,cancelled meetings.. But even in these hard days we know how to have fun and make great memories.. We wore our most thick clothes, take a big market bag and go out. We slither in the slope many many times, made a big and funny snow man and laugh so much. Like really much…ย 

But when it comes to reality and after all we realized that we have to turn back real life in the cold snowy days… I had a class and had to walk in the icebound roads.. For the day i prefer to scream pink when everyone prefer to wear all black looks..ย DSCF9795 DSCF9796 DSCF9797 DSCF9799 DSCF9802 DSCF9811