The Touch of the Burberry Coat


Hello guys! How’s going?

It’s been a so busy year for me and it just gets more complicated day by day. I have lots of classes to go,homeworks to do,friends to meet,much much ballet classes, most importantly have plans to do about my future. Also this is the most hardest one. To decide what you want from my future. It just eats my mind,give me a headache and make me really nervous everytime i think.. But i know i have to handle it now.. It will all gone next year so i just trying to find a way to enjoy it no matter what. 

For this black soul days i realized that i really start to wear black like a lot lot.. Is this how to reflect myself or i  just too tired to lots of works and don’t even have the energy to wear fancy clothes..? I have so many things to find out on my mind and i can’t figure it out how. I’m fighting in myself everyday, every night when i try to sleep.. 

A Burberry Coat touch on a black soul,grunge look. The cute red point socks,fringed vest,black pant,the heels,the sunglasses, braids on hair and The Burberry Coat..

DSCF9887 DSCF9891 DSCF9894 DSCF9895 DSCF9898