When The Sun Came Out


Oh,when the sun suddenly came out it’s totally increase my mood to the top! Yesterday i woke up and look out the window, i saw the warm weather and all the sunshines that burns the earth.. The sun make me too excited after all the dark days and i can’t tell how much i was happy to wear my colourful and tangled spring looks again! Look i didn’t even use black as much as i used to do in my winter clothes! Finally i felt like more me. ‘Cause as i said it before my life is just so confused and busy lately so i started to wear black leggings with a sweater almost everyday but finally it changed! Thank God! 

The art of the mix&match! Is this look really good or just too excess? Who knows?Who cares? The art is all about the excess and the fashion is too..To be a stylish and be interesting.. It’s my opinion but i love excess so much and i think that’s how it should be! I’m not going to talking about my outfit just look at the pictures and decide if you like it or hate it.. 



DSCF9911 DSCF9912 DSCF9913