Rainy Saturday


Hello cuties! I’m sorry i couldn’t be able to share new things with you for this past week but i have huge plans about next week and there will be lots of posts and stories after that so keep following! 

My mood has changed all this week and it stopped at my deepest.. It just too complicated. Everything. I’m just 17 and i don’t want to decide what i’m gonna do with my whole life next. Not yet. I’ve been a good girl for my life,i was a really good student,i worked a lot, i did my best, always. And what i have now? Nothing. The people who asks me for a crib and help during the exams are in the same place with me. Actually most of them better than me now. At least they know what they want.. I have so many questions on my mind that i can’t find answers,time blows so fast and it freaking me out to not decide anything yet. I mean i don’t want just one thing. Like i want to have a restaurant but i also want to travel the world or i want to be a dancer but i want to manage a company too… How about you? How old are you? Do you know what you really want from life? or Did you know? Are you happy now? 

After this depressive week it’s time for MBFWIstanbul! And i’ll have a guest from Holland for all this week. She’s going to stay with me and i know we’ll have so much fun! We have parties to go and fashion shows to watch… So next week will be so tired and full of fun! Can’t wait for it! Maybe the difference make me feel better and who knows maybe i’ll figure what i want..

Whole this week was sunny and warm but today is so windy and cold ’cause it’s saturday(“Murphy”)!! But no one told me this and my outfit doesn’t fit with the weather.. Anyway, who cares? We went to eat sushi today after class and that’s worth it.. But do you know what i hate most? I have to sit at the outside whereever we go because of they smoke.. It just freezing outside and i have to sit at the outside because of that! Eww. I hate it and it especially harder ’cause i’m the only one who don’t smoke so they say we are 3 so we’ll sit outside.. Please summer come hurry i don’t want to sit at outside in the cold days anymore!!!!

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