MBFWI Day3: “Don’t Think Much”


It’s almost over. ‘Cause fourth day will be the last one at least for me.. You know what? I just can’t be comfortable in a jean and a sweat. I don’t feel like “me” when i wear those kinda clothes, and no, i don’t think much when i try to find this kinda fancy clothes, actually it’s harder for me to find casual clothes. I love to walk on heels even it hurts, i like to wear all fancy and different clothes. Like i found this outfit at my first try..

In this time at MBFWI, not like the old ones. Not really, i mean in a bad way. I’m not judging, i’m not the one who gonna judge. But in the past fashion weeks that was more better than now.. I’m not expect like Milona or Paris fashion weeks but whatever. It could be more better but that still okay. I still love to go there 🙂

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 Coat: Topshop


Belt&Necklace:A little boutiques

Jean Dress:Vintage Levis

Nude heels:H&M