Mood of the Sunday


Today was really busy day and it still going like this. This is my daily sunday style outfit and not so bad for choosen in 8:00 am or? I feel little bit sick and at the end of the week, after all the classes and stuffs, today was more and more harder to wake up in the early morning. I couldn’t wake up slept 40 minutes more and i was so late to class like 2lessons.. But I NEED TO SLEEP! 

So much troubles and questions on my mind that waiting for real answers and when it’s keep going like this and feel like time blows so fast, just i want to take a little break and walk on the sea side, get some fresh air. But i couldn’t do this either today. Again. ‘Cause as i said it i have so much things to do and sometimes i just don’t have time for take deep breathe.. 

Anyway everything is okay. I love life in all that stupid, complicated things…