More Than Simple


On the midweek, i went to simple shopping with my mom and i choosed a more different than simple outfit. Sometimes between all the works,fun and depressive moods i just miss the real me. Wear not simple clothes, feel like more me, take pictures, live life… Yesterday’s outfit was totally like that. 

Yesterday was the last day of high school. All the exams are done and it’s over. It’s all over. My high school years now gone forever and i’m not sure if i’m ready to move on. I don’t have any little idea to what’s next and i’m not ready to leave all the amazing years. ‘Cause in high school, it’s easy. All the life even the problems. But if you asked me to live this 4 years again, i’d say no. I don’t know i just can’t handle to live all of this over again. I have regrets, lots of what ifs but everything will be okay. It has to be even all the bad things. It all will be okay. At least that’s how i motivate myself. Someone should do that right? And that’s me in my life. I should motivate myself to move on… 

So for the “real me” outfit i used a jean overall with vintage baby collar shirt, pink jacket with most favourite colourful sneakers and Chanel BoyBag.