Jean,Jean and Some more Jean


Hello guys? How’s going? Hope everything is okay. But if it’s not, don’t worry it will all be okay. It has to be soon. My week is going so well and i have amazing posts to share with you for next few days make sure to follow me on instagram:@gizemmseckin to see it first! 

This is my yesterday’s outfit for a little busy day. I went to course but first i had to do some homeworks(totally last one for the high school) and then we went to my friend’s house and made a birthday surprise for her with a lovely cake. We walked a lot and Chanel sneakers was the best choise for the day. 

I think i’m really in love with jeans lately. I use it a lot on my outfits and never get bored of it. And it looks so ‘fashion’ always! I don’t know when will i give up on wearing jeans but clearly, you’ll see it more for a long time..