Introduce Yourself


We all know fashion is so important in life but most importantly is style and how you complete it. And we all sure that fashion is temporary but style is permanent. Style is not about only clothes it’s about everything you do. Your hair style to your attitude.. Your style is the way you introduce yourself to people in the first sight. 

So how you complete your style? How you introduce yourself? 

I’m doing it with my jewelleries. ‘Cause actually clothes not enough. My jewelleries are how to introduce myself. Most of them kinda vintage and founden on the wardrobes in home, that make them more special and mysterious i think. 

Here is my post for you. My jewellery collection and the way i introduce myself..

DSCF0056 DSCF0059

Here is the most elegant ones.. So pure and looks wonderful.. 

Except two pieces all of them are vintage from my mom’s wardrobe.. And the blue bracelet under the pearl bracelet is also so special for me because i got it from my trip to Venice and i can say i spent my last money on it! ‘Cause i think it’s so beautiful i couldn’t resist it and just bought it..

DSCF0074 DSCF0077

DSCF0084 DSCF0085DSCF0051DSCF0087DSCF0067DSCF0070 DSCF0083

DSCF0090 DSCF0094 DSCF0096


But most important and special one is this pearl necklace for me. My grandmother’s gift from her jewellery collection. Unique and special. Just for the special days…