Thursday is the new friday


Hi again my lovely and beautiful followers! I’m so lucky to have you i should’ve said that πŸ’• 

“Thursday is the new friday” is exactly true. I just fake up this expression but who says i can’t? So yes, thursday is the new friday. 

Yesterday night i went to a party that of course my twin was djing. I always go his parties, always support him and i’m his photographer 😁 so i always go where he is playing and i’m not complain about it, l can’t. I love to be there and dance with the music. By the way, my twin is pretty good at it! So good at it and not telling this because of he is my twinπŸ™Œ 

Lately, the weather is so hot that i can’t even handle to wear pants, yesterday was like that kind of day so i wore this short overalls with my fringed jacket(i don’t know if i’ll ever drop to wear this) and white shoes with a fancy cluth but we are not so lucky. The weather turned into a storm after a shiny day at the evening when we got there and it was also like that when we on the road to came back home.. But anyway, i’ve had a really lovely night and made an amazing memory for my future self.. As always i’m trying to do..