Midweek: What you have?

Hi again! It’s already midweek and what you have since monday? Do you one step closer to your dreams or away from them? Everybody says it depends to you. If you want it you can reach it but sometimes it’s not like that. Not at all. Life loves to give you a hope everytime. But sometimes it doesn’t matter how try you hard. It just not happen. 

When the hope broken everytime after you try hard and when a new hope comes don’t you afraid to hold on it? ‘Cause the doors always shut your face and you don’t want to handle just an another one. You don’t have the courage for it after all…

But otherwise, that’s the only thing that keeps it your head up and push you to do something. Just you already learnt how to handle the doors that shut so badly. 

You have so much scars in your heart don’t you? And sometimes i wish it could be a love scars. That would be more easy. ‘Cause the struggles that i’m trying to get through are more harder to love. I wish it could be just love.