Prom Night..


My prom night. My beautiful prom night. At first i didn’t realized how special it is and i was like hope it’ll end quickly whatever.. but now i do understand how much special it was and now all i want is live this night over and over again. 

My beautiful prom night. I didn’t even find a dress for it. My prom was at wednesday and i bought this gown on sunday and bought the shoes and clutch on tuesday.. But anyway it was so magical.

I felt like a red carpet girl in this beautiful gown and also like a mermaid. That’s why i choosed this dress. Because my father saw me when i tried this and he said, “wow,you look like a mermaid,it’s beautiful” and i don’t need to think much after what he said i knew that it’s gonna be my gown for prom. 

I don’t know how much of you lived a prom night but isn’t it just like a wedding? I think mine was just like that.Like,some of our friends getting married and high school friends meet again in the wedding! Because you know, all the dresses,hair and make up. Everyone looked more older and it was totally like a wedding!

After the prom we changed our dresses and went to a club and had so much fun! Oh my god,everything was amazing and i don’t really want to forget anything about this night! 

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