It can’t be my Summer Vibe

Oh, finally summer came but why am i still feel weird? Feel bad. My mind is scared. All my thougths are gone and everything is getting much complicated day by day that i can’t even handle anymore. What’s on my mind? What’s the problem with me? 

I think i really f*cked up. Maybe i shouldn’t write this things in here but this is my blog and writing is the only thing that make me feel more good and keep me away from all the bad things. So i’m saying, i’m that moment. Like don’t know anything about my future and there is lots of roads front of me but every one of them is so dark to see that what’s gonna bring to me. I’m scared. Freaking out. 


Vintage xxl jean coat that my new favourite with grey t-shirt, leather shorts,new Chanel glitter shoes and white socks, because my feets cold always.