Girls Night Out


Hi beauties! I’ve had a really amazing night on this last tuesday. We celebrated my best friend’s birthday and it was a real girls night out! We went to a really lovely dinner and then to a club and dance with my girls was totally amazing that i can’t change to anything.. 

For this special day i choosed this glammy outfit, actually i choosed to wear a skirt and different shoes but wasn’t so lucky about the weather yesterday it was raining cats and dogs meaningfully.. And i’m a girl that always can cold even in the hot weather so i knew that i can’t wear a skirt so changed it with this flawless black pant. And wasn’t even feel cold, not even a bit. Yess, victory is mine! 

Summer has started almost for a month but i still couldn’t wear any shorts or even a real bikini.. Kinda sad about it ’cause i don’t want to waste my summer like that but the weather still can’t decide what season is in it.. 

Love all of you guys. So so much. Hope you all have an amazing week โค๏ธ and hope you like my outfit, all i want is give you some inspire in your life. And so, all i can say is never give up on your dreams. Never. No matter what or when. It’s never too late for anything. If you want, go and get it!