Mix it For the Night

Hello guys! How’s going? How was your friday night? And what’s your plans for the weekend? Hope it’s all going well. I wish i could have amazing plans too about weekend but nah.. I’m sick,i don’t even want to get out of bed. But anyway yesterday night i went to a club where i usually go with my friends. I realized that when you opened my blog you across like 3 or 4 posts about night life and about i went club, i feel like i need to explain something to clear your mind. 

Yes, i love dance, go to clubs, listen the music, feel it but actually i don’t ever drink alcohol, not at all. I don’t drink, i don’t do drugs or something not even weed. I believe that people don’t need something to have fun or go crazy. It’s need to be in you and just for that you don’t need something to lean it. Just be yourself. It can be hard to let yourself go at first but you use to it eventually and start to loose yourself, believe me. 

For yesterday night i choosed a black overall with white patterns on it or should i say white overall with black patterns on it? Who knows? I leave it open the front of the overall and wear a crop top with a big, gergous necklace and took my black fringed jacket for sure to be not cold! I choosed to take my flower, colourful clutch with this overall. If anyone ever told you to you can’t mix the patterns like that, just spit them. If you like it, so no one can judge it. And for the final touch, i wore my Chanel glitter shoes which i really adore! 

Hope you like it as much as me! Kissesss..