What’d you prefer for the Surprise


What a -hot- wonderful day! It’s weekend yaayyy! Well not really matter for me ’cause i’ve got no school or something anyway.. 

Look at my new haiiirrr..r. I need some change but i’m really freaking out do something to my hair because like 5 years ago i cutted my hair and it was totally a disaster by the way thanks to the hairdresser for the disaster and after that i’m really not good with the hairdressers, i don’t even go.. But this year i made a really big decision and cut my hair short for the first time in my whole life.. After 8months it’s long now but this time i don’t really want to cut it ’cause i prefer long hair on summers so i just dye my hair to pink. Not for a long term it will all gone like in 3 weeks but anyway it’s a enough change for now. 

Last wednesday was my best friend’s birthday and we made a really cute surprise for her! She didn’t know anything about it and her reaction when she saw it, it was really amazing! 

I prefer to wore this really comfortable outfit for the day. Oversize pant that should be worn on the beach, white crop top, my new necklace that birds on it, pink kinda purple bag, white shoes and add some pink hair touches too.. 

Before i leave the house my father said, shouldn’t you supposed to wear this outfit on beach, where are you going? And i just said it’s too hot dad, i don’t care, and i wouldn’t even wear it on the beach.. I didn’t change the outfit, i was happy in it.. So as i always said it, if anyone told you “you can’t”, just don’t care.. I generally said spit them just to their face but i can’t say this when we talk about my dad so… 

Hope you like this outfit and hope you’re agree with me too, not look really beachy outfit ha? I mean i can wear it, can’t i?