Different Then Before


Hello guys! How’s going your summer? Mine is little bit different then before. Actually, much different then before.. Remember i went to the dance class after a long time(Show Your Mood post) and it was really quick that all of them happens.. Let me explain. I met a girl in there and she offered me to dance in the tourist boats almost every night a week. And then we started it. I’m having so much fun in there, when i dance and earning money for the first time of my life. I did some jobs before like a photographer or something but it was all charity jobs so this one is so different for me.. But i love it. 

My life has been changing in so many different ways. I’ve never thought it’d be shape like this. We were planning a holiday but now i can’t go because i’m dancing on the boats and have lots of dance classes to go.. Ohh, i really need a vacation but i can handle it to have not for now.. Maybe in the end of august i’ll go somewhere, don’t know.. 

This is the outfit that i wore for a dance class day to prepare for the show. I wore a denim overall but use it like a pant and it was so comfortable with white top. Hope you like it. Kisseesss..