Comfortable in Freaking Hot 


It’s all about being comfortable in this crazy hot summer days. Oversize pants,oversize tshirts, messy hair… 

I don’t really like to say that but i think i should. I’m living in Istanbul/Turkey and it kinda problem to wear shorts, or something like that things. Not like forbidden but it’s bothering the way people judgemental looks and it’s actually dangerous if you wear them. You can be raped and you’d be the blame one if you were wearing shorts or skirts.. Shocking right? 

I’m still thinking that i shouldn’t say that but that’s the truths. It’s freaking hot outside and everyday i should’ve think what i’m gonna wear that i can feel comfortable in front of the people to not see all the eyes that looking at me badly. 

Don’t understand me wrong. You can wear whatever you want. It’s free but i come home late at night by myself with public busses and that’s the dangerous thing. 

Well, anyway. Hope you’re summer going really great or is it winter in where you live? Have a great day guys!