Making a Saturday Story


Is there any better way to spent your saturday with your best friends? I have couple of ideas about like waking up in maldives etc. but let’s not torturing us.. So yes, exactly there is no better way to spent our saturday than this! 

Last saturday was really lovely. We went to  lunch in a good place, smoke hookah(they did, i don’t really like it), walk some then we saw a cute place on the road, we decided to sit and drink something, after that they ate kumpir(you should try) and i prefer ice cream from coldstone(mm still craving) then walk a little bit more to took some pictures and that’s all. End of the story. 

I wore this amazing skirt which is made by MEee! I saw this kinda jean skirts buttons on it but i think that i can make this, don’t really need to buy and give money for this so i made 2 different buttoned skirts but one of them is not really wearable ’cause i sew the buttons really skew so at my second try(the one that i’m wearing) it went more right.. 

Also i made a video that how can you have a buttoned skirt with your own hands and without spending much money on it! The DIY video coming soon! 💕